Halychanka will not play in the EGF Cup final


Today, April 3th, the 2nd semifinal match of the European Handball Federation (EGF) Cup between the local team of Rocas Gran Canaria and Lviv’s “Halychanka” ended in Spain. The intense game ended with the victory of the hosts with a score of 34:27 (18:15 – after the first half). The most productive players of “Halychanka” were Tetyana Polyak and Diana Dmytryshyn, who scored 6 goals each.

Thus, the Spanish team reached the final for the sum of two matches. In the first, let us remind you, which took place a week ago in the Czech Republic, the Ukrainians won with a score of 20:19.

This is the fourth time for the Spanish team to reach the finals of European tournaments. In 2016 and 2019, Rocas Gran Granaria won the EGF Cup, and in 2018 she became a finalist in this tournament.

It will be recalled that Halychanka has never played in the final of this European tournament. Despite this, the Lviv team showed an extremely excellent result, stopping at the semifinals.

The Olympic family sincerely thanks the Lviv handball players for the incredible European Cup season!

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